MWM Graphics is the Design, Fine Art, and Illustration Studio of Matt W. Moore

Matt W. Moore

Sretenka Design Week : Moscow, Russia – October, 2011

A new series of canvas paintings by American graphic artist Matt M. Moore. Painted during an August 2011 residency in Moscow. Inspired by experiences and excursions in this wonderful city. The juxtaposition of old and new, asymmetrical architecture, shadow play, reflections, optical illusions, the vibrant colors, and the ever present buzz of this mega city. As if you are looking at a crystal through a magnifying glass, each artwork is a celebration of a small moment from an infinite landscape of geometry, color, and illusion. Choose your own adventure!

In addition to the exhibition Matt also painted 3 massive Murals in downtown Moscow, gave 2 Master Class Lectures, and painted a fleet of 17 geometric sculptures installed around Tsvetnoy.

I painted a new series of 15 canvases during my August 2011 residency in Moscow. The series is broken into 2 parts – half greyscale and half full spectrum color. A nice shift in gravity of the key ingredients.
The Details : Up close the work has a beautiful balance of precision and microscopic imperfections.
A nice big greyscale mural in a downtown Moscow archway – The Sky With Diamonds.
My favorite part... A longtime dream come true... A fleet of large three-dimensional sculpture paintings!
iPhone Snaps : Things Seen & Places Been in Moscow! A truly mega city with much heritage and culture.